What Happens in Florida…

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My freshman year in college I finally had the opportunity to head down to Florida for spring break. Since high school I had always wanted to go like my friends did, but my mother never allowed it. Once I got to college, I could “do whatever I wanted”. My, oh my, do I wish I had listened to my mother and stayed far away from that scene!

The trip started innocently enough. A girlfriend and I planned on driving down for the week, as we were going to school at the University of South Carolina and thought we would save some money by renting a car instead of flying. A dozen or so other girls and I all booked a suite at a fancy hotel in Tampa and had plans to travel down to Siesta Key to really get the full experience of Florida spring break.

Unfortunately, we never made it that far. The entire trip turned out to be a bust. . . a drug bust, that is. It turned out that one of the girls who flew down from SC brought cocaine with her, and she had been found using the drug in the bathroom at a nightclub. 

I wish the story ended there, but things got a whole lot worse when the girls didn’t just admit to what they had done. Instead, they dragged the rest of us into it by accusing the friend I drove down with and I of supplying the cocaine to everyone on our trip! 

Apparently, that’s why we drove down in the first place: to get the cocaine to Florida without having to bring it on the plane. I was freaked out by the accusations and scared that I was being arrested, but I was also furious. This was supposed to be the Florida spring break I had always dreamed of! And now, it was ruined by these girls looking for a break.

All of us were arrested and had to find a Tampa criminal defense attorney to represent us since we were facing drug trafficking charges. Thankfully, a friend of my family, who works as an attorney, was able to convince law enforcement of our innocence after we submitted to drug testing and provided our phones, which showed the girls admitting that they made it up to save themselves. 

I don’t know what we would have done if we had had formal charges brought against us and had to go through a trial, but I do know that I won’t be traveling with people I don’t know that well ever again.

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