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I know I’m not the only person to get into marriage when they didn’t want to. Many victims of domestic abuse are coerced into marriage or have to marry their abusers or risk further injury or illness. That’s what happened to me. I was with my ex-husband for 10 long years.  The majority of it […]

If you’ve been pulled over and ticketed, one of your first thoughts may be that you’ll just ignore it. It’s just a traffic ticket, right? It couldn’t be too serious, or you would have been arrested, you might think. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  If you ignore your traffic ticket, what really happens? Sadly, the […]

Though we normally feature guest posts on our site, we wanted to take the first post of 2020 to give a few tips to our readers who regularly struggle with insurance issues.  Insurance companies acting in bad faith is nothing new, but it may be something you’ve never heard about or experienced, and hopefully, you […]