Civil Law

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In the following posts you will read stories from others about their experiences going through their civil legal suits—how they got there, their trial experiences, and their results.

Civil law encompasses those cases when someone sues someone else or another entity. Their acts may or may not have been criminal. If they were, they were likely tried in a criminal court prior to being taken to a civil court. Reasons someone might take someone else to civil court would be to seek reparations for how they were wronged by the other party. These damages are often not addressed in a criminal court, but rather just their judicial punishment and fines are.

American Law Discussion Group has curated these submissions to share on each topic of the law because we found them have a good deal of impact, helped you to gain understanding, or thought that they may help others going through the same or similar situation. We truly hope you find solace in reading these submissions and, if nothing else, at least find the resources and help you need along the way.

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